What is a KUARIO membership?

Modified on: 2023-12-11 22:12:55 +0100

A KUARIO membership offers users financial benefits when using the cloud-based service KUARIO. With this service, payments for various self-service machines can be easily made through your mobile phone. KUARIO supports payments for vending machines, printers, washing machines, dryers, coffee machines, lockers, EV charging points, and more. Various payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, as well as local options like iDEAL, Mr. Cash, and SofortĀ¹, can be utilized.

The KUARIO membership opens the door to various user groups created by vendors integrating KUARIO. These groups offer members discounts or free services. For example, if you are a staff member of a university library using KUARIO, you may benefit from complimentary printing, copying, and scanning servicesĀ². Obtaining membership is straightforward: accept an invitation via email or in the vendor's app. By becoming a member, you agree to share certain personal data with the vendor, in accordance with GDPR.

A KUARIO membership is specifically valid at the location where it is created. If you want to use the membership at multiple locations, you need to join a membership created on the overarching site of those locations.

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