How KUARIO lets you link any card to your account and pay with it?

Modified on: 2023-12-11 21:40:10 +0100

KUARIO is a service that lets you use any card with a chip inside it to pay for things. These cards are called RFID cards, and they can be read by a device called an RFID reader. You might have some RFID cards already, like your campus card, your public transportation card, or your company card.

You can link any RFID card to your KUARIO account and use it as a payment method. This means you can pay for things with any card you have, and you don’t need to carry cash or a credit card. When you link a card to your account, you can also use it to identify yourself at some places. For example, you can use your campus card to get into the library or the cafeteria.

Linking a card to your account is easy. You just need to scan it at a place where you can use KUARIO to pay for something. These places are called KUARIO outlets, and some of them have a display that shows you some information and instructions. For example, a multifunctonal printer, a vending machine, or a coffee machine might be a KUARIO outlet. KUARIO outlets that are able to link cards are the KUARIO MFP Kiosk app, when equpped with am RFID card reader, or the KUARIO Link Terminal.

You can link as many cards as you want to your account and manage them from your KUARIO app. You can give them names, remove them, or block them if they get lost or stolen.

Sometimes, someone else might link a card to your account for you. This can happen if they have some data about the cards and the users in a file called a CSV file. They can import this file into the KUARIO manager and send you an email with instructions on how to activate your card. You don’t need to scan it at an outlet.

KUARIO makes paying for things easy and convenient. You can link any card to your account and use it anywhere you see the KUARIO logo.

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